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Thursday, June 25, 2009

Top 10 internet radio programs

So, the difference between these and my top 10 podcasts is that these either a) are not available as podcasts, usually for music copyright reasons or 2) are available as podcasts but only if you pay a subscription fee. As such, like any good radio program, these are prime candidates to be time-shifted so you can listen when you want.

Here are my faves:
  1. Overnight Groove - Saturdays at 3-5AM PT...this happens to be when I am sleeping, so...time-shift! 70s and 80s dance music of the finest quality. Emphasis on the less hit-radio tracks, though those are peppered in for good measure. Awesome program if you like to feel great.
  2. Crap from the Past - The name says it all. DJ Ron "Boogiemonster" Gerber calls it "like a graduate-level course in pop music". The guy is an insane encyclopedia of pop music knowledge, and a real DJ in the classic sense. His brilliant intro spot says it all. And...he loves Yacht Rock.
  3. Quiet Space - For ambient music lovers, this is the best-curated program available on the internet. DJ Paul Gough (aka the artist pimmon) plays an hour's-worth of the best ambient he can find, both old and new, twice a week.
  4. Moneytalk - Bob Brinker's a ruthless old codger bent on belittling politicians and even listeners he thinks are stupid (which is alot of them). He has a 3-hour call-in show on Saturdays and Sundays (I use KGO's stream which is very reliable). Best part of the show is the special guest, who is featured in the last hour of each show. Only downside is that the commercials are frequent and annoying. But, as long as the program is time-shifted, you can just skip over them.
  5. Sonic Reducer - The best punk/hardcore/garage rock show on the internets. 3 hours of hard rock bliss every Saturday night. Gets its name from a song by early Cleveland punk band The Dead Boys, a favorite of Anthony Bourdain. How's that for a tangential anecdote.
  6. Philosophy Talk - "The show that questions everything...except your intelligence." I love this program because these guys, professors of Philosophy at Stanford, have great radio personalities and make complex subjects understandable. Not every show is a hit, but most are.
  7. Sleepbot Environmental Broadcast - This isn't a radio program per se, as it's always on and streaming, 24 hours a day. But I time-shift it because while most of what the curator (Dan Foley) plays is great, sometimes his tastes and my own diverge...and I like to skip over those tracks. I record about 3 hours of this nightly so I can listen during the day while I work. I've found alot of great music on this station.
  8. The Next Big Thing - This show no longer airs, unfortunately. It was on select public radio stations from 1999 to 2005. It's on this list because there is a streaming archive (but no podcast, strangely) that features the vast majority of the shows. The show was a fine example of radio documentary, produced by WNYC. I don't know why it ended, but the WNYC "radio doc" slot seems to have been filled by RadioLab, another fine program. Anyway, see my post about recording "The Next Big Thing" archived shows.
  9. Surface Noise - DJ Lounge Laura on WMNF in Tampa - and myself - have compatibly eclectic tastes in rock. Her starting point is (roughly) punk in the 80s, but she takes wide detours from that format...glam, classic rock, pop, whatever. Like Ron "Boogiemonster" Gerber, she's a DJ in the classic sense of the term. Only downside is that the sound quality of the stream is pretty low, but not so much so that it prevents me from listening.
  10. The Dave Ramsey Show - I am a Dave Ramsey devotee. I don't agree with all his views, but in terms of opinions on personal finance (it's actually more about personal responsibility), he's dead on. He's not afraid to lay the smackdown on his listeners, but they tend to deserve it. A little tough love is good every now and then.

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