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Thursday, June 25, 2009

Top 10 podcasts

I listen to ALOT of podcasts. Not that anyone should care, but these are my top 10 podcasts. Part of my continuing series of "top tens". Obviously very heavily weighted towards public radio programs...but I am not a socialist.
  1. This American Life - Still the best hour of info-tainment(?) docu-tainment(?) available!
  2. Marketplace - I listen to this every day.
  3. NPR's Planet Money - Sort of like a "This American Life" but only concerned with money/finance and it's 3x a week. What I love about it is it translates all the financial gibberish that's in the news into something I can understand. It's also relatively politically un-biased (at least in terms of finance) for NPR.
  4. Stuff You Should Know - Josh Clark and Chuck Bryant are a couple of the funniest info-tainers(?) on the internets! I learn about random things like how to survive plane crashes, how lobotomies work, and so forth . Twice a week. Nice, Chuck.
  5. EconTalk - Since the financial meltdown everyone's become an amateur economist, myself included. This show gives me just enough of an education to be dangerous. What I like about EconTalk is that the host, Russ Roberts, is very fiscally conservative but isn't afraid to have guests on who have vastly different opinions than him. Makes for great conversation.
  6. American RadioWorks - 60 minutes, one subject explored in-depth. Basically, it's like "Frontline" for radio. VERY high-quality documentaries. It would be closer to the top on my list, but they are not that frequent. I think it's because they are so well-made they take a while to produce.
  7. RadioLab - Hard to really describe this show. It's documentary, science, drama and artful sound design rolled into one. It's beautiful and captivating. Here, I'll let one of the show's hosts, Jad Abumrad, explain:
  8. The Moth - Bringing back the art of storytelling! The podcast is sort of a "best of" stories, chosen from years worth of archives.
  9. Cosmic Slop - A collection of not-oft-heard tracks, mostly from the 70s and 80s. Chuck and Joel are great radio personalities, and have encyclopaedic knowledge of popular (and in this case, not-so-popular) music. These guys have intorduced me to alot of real gems. I owe my love of Joan Armatrading to them. Great stuff, I just wish it was more frequent.
  10. BBC Radio Documentaries - Selected radio docs that run on BBC throughout the week. Usually 20-25 mins long. Can be hit-or-miss, but I have heard some really great ones.


  1. exactly, except don't forget selected shorts. That piano music, and Isaiah Scheffer's voice are two of my most favorite sounds on radio.

  2. I have been meaning to listen to that program...thanks for the reminder!


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