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Thursday, January 28, 2010

The three things I would need to actually get work done on the iPhone

I love my iPhone, it has freed me quite a bit from my desktop computer. But there are many instances that I am out, and I am unable to complete simple work tasks on the iPhone because multiple applications are needed. The hardware and OS tools that a computer has available to allow you to synthesize your workspace to get tasks done, are just not available on the iPhone...even though all the apps I need are. It's not a huge deal, but I think the barriers to actually being able to get work done are small(ish). I've narrowed it down to these three simple things:
  1. An External Keyboard - The touchscreen keyboard just isn't workable for alot of typing. I'd love something external that either folds up, or is very small and can "cradle" the iPhone. Keyboard shortcuts (like Command-C, Command-V) would need to be incorporated into the OS.
  2. A Pointer (Mouse/Clickable Trackpad) - This is in conjunction to, or perhaps even part of the keyboard. This would allow for much easier editing of text, and easier highlighting of text for copy/paste. The copy/paste function on the iPhone now is OK, but very cumbersome.
  3. Multiple Applications Open/Fast Application Switching - Right now iPhone seems to have limited support for multiple apps to be open. For example, you can listen to music while using Safari. I'd love if you could open as many as 4 applications at a time, and have a keyboard (see #1) shortcut to switch quickly between them. If I could have Mail, Safari, a simple text editor and TouchTerm open all at once, switch between them easily, and cut/copy/paste text between them, I'd be in heaven.
Of course, these three things are all dependent on one another. And the big issue here would be RAM. Supporting external hardware and multiple running applications would really slow the iPhone down. However, I think the gain in productivity would be worth the cost of the slowdown.


  1. If you simply jailbreak you can accomplish 1 & 3. There are Bluetooth keyboard drivers available, and backgrounding apps is one of the commonly used features of jailbroken phones. You CAN take control of your device if you just grow some balls.

  2. Haha...nice, Todd. I actually DID jailbreak it with black ice or some crap and nearly bricked it.


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