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Thursday, December 16, 2010

Comcast SUCKS! Sucks, Sucks, Sucks...

I am visiting my parents in Florida for Christmas. They, like millions of people in America, suffer under the oppressive thumb of the giant cable-and-internet monopoly known as Comcast. I have disliked Comcast for years for their ambilavent attitude about service and support, but this experience broke me. I wanted to post this on the internet just to have it out there. Rather than typing it all out, I'll just give you the Instant Message chat transcript where I tell the story to my friend.


2:08:10 PM rory: we should dump comcast
2:08:12 PM friend: sounds like Comcast pissed you off?
2:08:21 PM rory: they outright lie to their customers
2:08:42 PM friend: what happened?
2:09:02 PM rory: our internet was out all day the other day.  I suspected it was may have been due to high winds (even tho i think cables are buried), but I gave it time
2:09:31 PM rory: finally contacted them in the evening...oh yes, there's an outage in your area, but it's showing here they are 98.9% complete fixing it.
2:09:41 PM rory: Please be patient for 24-48 hours.
2:09:44 PM friend: haha
2:09:49 PM friend: 24-48 hours
2:09:50 PM rory: what?? 98% complete??
2:09:56 PM rory: but ok, i'll check in the am
2:10:17 PM rory: am comes, still no internet.  contact them again...we're not showing a record of any outage in your area
2:10:24 PM rory: for [CENSORED]'S sake!
2:10:56 PM rory: they determine it's the cable modem.  so i take it to the damn office and wait in the [CENSORED]ing line to get it replaced.
2:11:07 PM rory: get back, set it up, activate it
2:11:34 PM rory: all i get when I try to connect is redirected to a comcast.net page "OOPS - your activation is not complete"
2:11:38 PM friend: haha
2:11:45 PM friend: jeeez
2:12:20 PM rory: call them again.  the idiot woman goes thru all this same bs they do every time someone calls.  finally she says, "sounds like a software problem on your computer"
2:12:39 PM rory: I say, "well, it's the same on both the pc and mac". 
2:12:48 PM rory: she says, then they are both broken
2:12:58 PM rory: that I need to contact microsoft
2:13:18 PM friend: oh my god
2:13:20 PM rory: I was LIVID
2:13:23 PM friend: i bet 
2:13:36 PM rory: I flew off the handle.  my mom had to come take the phone from me.
2:14:01 PM friend: haha
2:14:10 PM rory: so i said, no way.  no [CENSORED]ing way are we doing business with them anymore
2:14:21 PM rory: I will do whatever it takes to switch to verizon.
2:14:34 PM friend: so did they eventually get it working at your parents' place?
2:14:37 PM rory: which is a FAR better service
2:14:45 PM rory: well...
2:14:47 PM friend: or you switched already
2:14:54 PM rory: they're coming saturday
2:15:04 PM friend: they have cable?
2:15:07 PM rory: but I can't tether til then
2:15:08 PM rory: yeah
2:15:22 PM rory: so I contacted comcast again today
2:15:51 PM rory: on the "live chat", so they couldn't [CENSORED]ing say it was a problem with the computer
2:16:10 PM rory: because if i'm [CENSORED]ing chatting with you over the internet, then the [CENSORED]ing computer works
2:16:37 PM rory: anyway, the dude in india finally got it to work
2:16:44 PM friend: did he say what the problem was?
2:17:10 PM rory: he didn't know, he just "sent a new signal" to the modem a couple times and it started working
2:17:18 PM friend: sounds fishy
2:17:30 PM rory: the whole [CENSORED] company is fishy
2:17:39 PM friend: yeah, i've never liked them
2:17:40 PM rory: they have been doing this to people for years
2:17:43 PM rory: years and years


  1. I am all about choices. Well, sometimes I don't have all of the choices I would prefer. I moved into an apartment I could not get my free employee TV service. Even though I work for DISH, I never was able to appreciate how reliable my DISH was before I got Comcast. My dish went out during a snow storm while watching the opening ceremonies for the Olympics in Japan, and that was the only time. Comcast, that's another story. I suppose anyone can have good and bad experiences with any company, but when the problem doesn't get fixed over the course of a year, my problem is that I'm with the wrong provider. I had to move and got an apartment that could get DISH Network and now I'm much happier. It went out twice from snow since I live in Denver but I just wiped off the dish and I was good to go.

  2. Hello there I bet that was pretty frustrating to deal with COMCAST but I wanted to let you know it doesn't have to be that way. I have DISH Network as my TV provider and DISH beats COMCAST in Customer Satisfaction 10 years in a row! As a DISH employee I can even tell you that DISH is #1 in Customer Satisfaction among all cable and satellite TV providers. You should check out DishNetwork.com for more info.


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