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Monday, June 6, 2011

Rory's Top 10 Stoner Metal Hits!

Satan gets blaaaaaazed

Satan gets blazed

I don't smoke the greenery, worship satan, slay dragons, or get off on metal music in general. But boy do I love me some bone-crunching, massively overdriven, visceral stoner rock jams.
  1. Holy Mountain - Sleep
  2. Bedouin's Vigil - Om
  3. 10,000 Years - High on Fire
  4. Vinum Sabbathi - Electric Wizard
  5. Night Goat and/or The Bit - The Melvins
  6. Off Off Broadway - Big Business
  7. Home - The God Machine (Bonus vid! Dude goes ballistic on his guitar at the Reading Fest)
  8. From Beyond - Sleep
  9. Iron Man - Black Sabbath
  10. Get No Toys (When You Pay the Money) - Karp
Listen to them all on this YouTube playlist.

Note: You'll notice a strong Sleep and Sleep-derivative-band slant to this list. This is because nobody does stoner rock better than those guys.

Note 2: Ever wonder where that sound clip preceding Electric Wizard's "Vinum Sabbathi" comes from? The one that goes "When you get into one of these groups, there's only a couple ways you can get out. One, is death. The other is...mental institutions"...

It's Police Chief Dale Griffis of Tiffin, Ohio. What, is Tiffin some sort of Satanism hostspot? Anyway, the clip is from this early (possibly mid) 80s 20/20 story, entitled "The Devil Worshippers". Which is totally awesome.