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Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Please avoid Progressive Insurance

As it turns out, Flo isn't quite as fun & friendly as she seems...


It's hard to believe an insurance company can be such an incredible jerk, until it happens to you.

I received a letter from Progressive stating that my homeowner's policy has been cancelled because "the roof is lifting and/or buckling" on my home. I have just purchased the home and had it inspected. The roof is older, but the inspector said I will get 5-7 more years out of it. There is no leaking. There is most definitely not "lifting and/or buckling".

The date the cancellation was in effect is 3/19. I understand that they mailed the letter Jan 24, but because I do not live in the home yet, I did not receive the letter until Mar 2. That leaves me only 2 weeks. Also, I had elected to receive all online communication from Progressive, which they failed to send.

I called Progressive and said that I can do the roof repairs, but given they are weather dependent and I hadn't even had a chance to get quotes, and begged for more time. They refused, saying this is "policy". Even if I had gotten the letter as scheduled, 45 days is not alot of time to find a contractor and cough up thousands of dollars for roof repairs.  Especially when re-roofing requires relatively good weather and I live in the Pacific Northwest.

There seems to be no recourse with them. I can't appeal to them that the roof is actually not in bad shape, their inspector is employed by them and they will not accept opinions of any other inspectors. 45 days is way too short a timeframe to make repairs.

UPDATE: I did go ahead and get a new roof.  But I also took all 6 policies I had with Progressive and went elsewhere.  As it turns out, I am getting better coverage at a lower cost.

There simply is no reason to do business with a company that doesn't care about you, and it more expensive.